Dr. Osman Şahinoğlu

Born in 1953 in Izmir, Dr. Osman Şahinoğlu graduated from Bornova Anadolu Lisesi in 1971 and entered Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry the same year. He earned the title  “Doctor of Dental Surgery” after finishing the faculty in 1976.

In 1976, he entered the Orthodontics Department in Ege University Faculty of Dentistry as a research assistant and earned the title “MSc in Orthodontics” in 1979.

He was accepted to Eastman Dental Center Orthodontics Department (Rochester, NY, USA) under the chairmanship of Prof.Dr. J. Daniel Subtelny. After a year in Dr Subtelny’s Education Program, he has returned  to his work in Ege University.

He resigned from the faculty in 1982 and founded his own private practice in the same year.

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